Sunday, August 24, 2008

Masonic "Business" Cards

Just a brief entry this time. I mentioned printing Masonic business cards and having them on hand in a previous blog entry. One of my Lodge brothers passed away last week and I represented the Lodge by attending the viewing. It was such a class act to be able to pass out to the family members my Masonic "business" card, I can't begin to tell you. It was so much better than trying to write down my name and phone number on a scrap of paper or on the back of the program(!).

You don't even have to have expensive card made. I downloaded a free Microsoft Word™ resume template, inputted my information, put in a suitable Square and Compasses logo, and printed to card stock. Easy.

This reminds me of what we called in the Army the Six "P"s - Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. Having those Masonic cards on hand before I needed them was the way to go.


The Plumbline said...

I hear
makes some nice, FREE business cards, if you don't mind their URL on the back of each card.

The Plumbline said...

I updated mine (11 months later). Tag, you're it!

Bourne Traveler said...

I had mine done at Costs a bit more, but they print on both sides of the card, and being in 2 lodges, I could create a nice listing with 2 emblems to boot.

Andrew said...

I'd be interested in your thoughts on printing a small masonic symbol on a business card. For instance, I own a small business and I am a Mason. Would it be wrong to put a tiny square and compass in the corner?

The Plumbline said...

Well, you do have the chance of alienating people too. Though it's not much different than people putting the Jesus fish on their business cards (I've seen that), there are still people out there thinking that we're trying to take over the world. I'd still keep a separate masonic business card in case you run into that one customer who's also a Brother.